Professional intercultural training for international talent
专业跨文化培训 培养顶尖国际人才

News: New training course for Chinese Students studying in UK universities

Our flagship training course for Chinese students studying in UK universities, Keys to Success: An intercultural training course for Chinese students, is delivered in Durham, UK, and has a number of unique aspects.

The only intercultural training course in the UK specifically for Chinese university students

Develop Global is the only company providing a professional intercultural training program specifically tailored for Chinese students, taking into account their characteristics and their needs when studying in a UK university. The course is developed by a multi-cultural team of intercultural experts who specialize in intercultural issues in higher education.

Drawing on years of research and personal experience

This course is developed from years of research focusing on Chinese students studying in UK universities, together with personal experiences from successful past students. The course is the ‘right medicine’ to assist Chinese students through the pain of adjusting to a different culture of teaching and learning, and to help them achieve the results they desire.

Short-term training with a lifetime benefit

First, the course aims to help students achieve their short-term goal, which is to maximize their results in their UK university programme and to enhance their employability. Second, the course is designed to help students achieve their long-term goal, which is to become an international high-flyer through consistent self-development.

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